In conclusion, we find ActivTrades an excellent broker with a good reputation with an FCA license, and 20 years of successful operation and experience with short-term and long-term professionals. The offering is of good quality, well-maintained backed up with exceptional educational material suitable for both beginners and experts. However, the traders who feel more comfortable and convenient with a user-friendly platform MT4 are also welcomed by ActivTrades, which is available through desktop trading.

  1. In addition, the firm offers ActivTrades Prepaid Card, which is provided for free to the clients with no monthly administrative fee, which gives the same benefits of usage as Mastercard.
  2. As with any significant financial decision, embarking on a trading journey with ActivTrades should be backed by rigorous personal research.
  3. On ActivTrades, 24h support center is available through Live chat and email with an average of an amazing 27 min response, which is definitely good for you as a trader.
  4. The broker is well-known as one of the best in the market with high score in customer satisfaction, also offering the lowest spreads on almost all asset classes while fees are relatively low or 0.

For those with an eye on the future, the broker does provide opportunities to delve into cryptocurrency trading, embracing the digital currency evolution. The registration process on the ActivTrades platform was smooth as hell for me. Since then, I realized that I reached out a truly professional broker and real OG in the game. After trading here for a while, my mood and opinion didn’t change. I’m planning to continue improving my skills and earning money with’em.

Please note that the content and services provided on this website are not intended for residents of Spain. By accessing or using this website, you acknowledge and agree that you are not a resident of Spain and that you will not use the information or services available on this website if you are located in Spain. ActivTrades doesn’t charge clients for the deposits made via bank transfers or e-wallets, however, the investor should calculate above 0.75% for deposits via credit card in the UK & EEA or 1.5% of non UK&EEA cards. Specifics pertaining to currency conversion fees should be verified directly due to variations depending on account type and trading activity.

After all, the alignment of a trader’s ambition with a broker’s offerings crafts the blueprint for trading success. Delving deeper, instrument-specific insights further fortify traders’ decision-making arsenal, elucidating nuances of specific tradable assets. A singular innovation is the comparative analysis feature, which permits traders to juxtapose their trading behaviors against a broader user landscape, fostering a sense of where one stands amidst the global activtrades forex trading community. Such an assemblage of features not only enlightens the inexperienced but also refines the strategies of the adept. ActivTrades does not impose withdrawal fees, ensuring traders can access their funds without additional charges. A noteworthy feature is ActivTrades’ demo account, which serves as a primer for those wishing to test the waters without financial commitment, allowing for experimentation with virtual funds in a real-market setting.

An inactivity fee is levied after an account has remained dormant for a stipulated period, encouraging active trading or account closure. During the process of building this infrastructure it allowed no single gaffe.Everything’s so sleek and smooth. Registration process is very speedy, you just fill in demanded information, then verify your identity and here you go.

¿Es ActivTrades regulado y es legal?

The broker allows to choose major currency types like USD, GBP, and EUR, however, doesn’t support minor currencies. Utilizing a spread-only model for certain accounts, ActivTrades allows traders to engage in forex and CFD trading without being burdened by additional trading fees. ActivTrades welcomes traders with a minimum deposit requirement of $0, offering accessibility to a wide array of market participants. ActivTrades has meticulously structured its account offerings to harmonize with the diverse trading aspirations of its clientele. The broker offers both Individual and Professional accounts, catering to the needs of amateur traders and seasoned professionals respectively. The brokerage is prominently known for its forex trading capabilities, with a vast array of currency pairs available for trading, from major to exotic.

What is ActivTrades?

This positions ActivTrades as a preferred destination for forex aficionados. In the realm of commodities, traders can capitalize on various products, including metals and energies, to diversify their portfolios. When I decided to write this review I wanted to list some of things I don’t like about this company. Broker provided me with excellent conditions and in addition I had opportunity to use useful analytics and training videos for free.So I decided that this would be positive review. A top-notch broker with an excellent account opening process, a very low minimum deposit requirement, and of course, very low trading cost! They also have a very, very clean regulatory track record since they are a massive organization in every corner of the world and compliant to the best protocols.

The platform features an intuitive interface, yet provides cutting-edge functionalities for experienced traders of all trading styles with access to more than 90 technical analysis indicators. I came here cuz I was attracted by good spreads and also commission-free trading here. Spreads even matter more for me because earlier I traded crosses with a broker that offered fixed spreads.

Desktop platform

Notably, ActivTrades refrains from imposing a mandatory initial deposit, making the account initiation phase more accessible to a wider range of aspiring traders. ActivTrades unveils a suite of tools seamlessly integrated into its platform, seeking to amplify the depth of traders’ market comprehension. Push notifications, for instance, maintain traders’ vigilance, promptly updating them on market volatilities or account fluctuations.

ActivTrades fees depend on the account type you use but are mainly built into a spread. The broker doesn’t charge commissions for deposit and withdrawal fees and has low non-trading fees. ActivTrades offer a wide range of benefits that make trading the financial markets smooth and pleasant while giving traders the opportunities they need to be successful in both the short and long terms. As with any significant financial decision, embarking on a trading journey with ActivTrades should be backed by rigorous personal research. Gauge your unique trading aspirations, techniques, and risk appetites against what the broker presents.

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In an era of web-based solutions, ActivTrades allows traders to utilize their platform without the need for downloads, accessible directly via web browsers, ensuring a convenient and efficient trading experience. ActivTrades acknowledges the necessity of on-the-go trading by offering mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices. The apps maintain functionality without sacrificing essential features, offering real-time charting, trading execution, and management wherever traders find themselves. Equally enticing is ActivTrades’ exposure to indices, allowing traders to invest in collective market movements.

ActivTrades review

ActivTrades provides an understandable and transparent fee structure, which is pivotal for traders who prioritize cost-effective trading. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. For withdrawal fees, transfers to the ActivTrades Prepaid Mastercard or e-wallets are free, bank transfers of USD will be charged 12.50$. A commitment to affordability is demonstrated through the absence of deposit fees. Labeled Verified, they’re about genuine experiences.Learn more about other kinds of reviews. All information on is only published for general information purposes.

Information regarding overnight funding fees and guaranteed stop order fees may be subjected to specific account types and should be confirmed directly with ActivTrades. ActivTrades does not charge an account maintenance fee, ensuring that traders can manage their portfolios without unnecessary costs. CFD trading fees are embedded within the spread, facilitating a transparent and straightforward pricing structure.